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Designed for patients with chronic and long-term conditions, as well as postoperative and recovering patients, the kit automates the collection of spot-check pulse oximetry, temperature, blood pressure, and weight measurements using intuitive devices and the Masimo SafetyNet® App. Easily paired with the devices via Bluetooth®, the app transfers patient data to a secure cloud, where clinicians can access and analyze it using a web-based clinician portal—helping them spot which patients may need more follow up or even urgent intervention, wherever they are.

MightySat® Rx Pulse Oximeter

MightySat® Rx Pulse Oximeter


Fingertip Pulse Oximeter for spot-check measurements of parameters:  SpO2, PR, Pi, RRp®, PVi® . Place your finger inside the sensor pad securely to take measurements.

TIR-1® Thermometer

TIR-1® Thermometer


Non-contact thermometer for temperature measurements. Hold an inch away from the center forehead area, perpendicular to the skin, to take measurements.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor


Blood pressure monitor included with blood pressure cuff. Securely wear the cuff on your upper arm and push start button on the monitor to take measurements.

Weight Scale

Weight Scale


Tracks body weight up to 550 lbs. Please step on the digital weight scale that tracks both feet when the power is off to take measurements.

Setting Up the Masimo SafetyNet App


You will receive an email from your care provider prompting you to download the Masimo SafetyNet App to your mobile phone.

Masimo SafetyNet App -- Email Center --  displayed on screen

Launch the app and follow the step-by-step instructions to:

  • Create an account
  • Pair your devices to the Masimo SafetyNet App
  • Begin collecting and sharing data
Masimo SafetyNet App -- Login & Sign Up Center --  displayed on screen

Using the Devices

MightySat Rx TIR-1
Blood Pressure Monitor Weight Scale

Pro Tips

  • Each time you take a measurement, data will transfer automatically from the device to the Masimo SafetyNet App, as long as the devices are paired via Bluetooth.
  • When using the measurement devices with a smart device, keep both devices within the recommended range of each other.
  • Use only AA alkaline batteries and replace both batteries at the same time to avoid mixing fully and partially charged batteries.
  • Avoid any movement as soon as you start the blood pressure measurement.
  • Blood pressure measurements may differ from left arm to right arm; always use the same arm for measurements.