Daily Monitoring

Daily Monitoring


Changing the Sensor and Adhesive Tape


The kit contains two disposable sensors, each of which is intended for up to 96 hours in typical continuous usage. The kit also contains 12 extra adhesive tapes, which should be replaced if they get dirty or if the adhesive is no longer sticking.

When inserted into a sensor, the indicator light on the chip will show you if the sensor needs to be replaced:

Masimo SafetyNet Sensor with Orange warning light

Orange light

Sensor battery is low. Consider changing your sensor.

Masimo SafetyNet Sensor with Red warning light

Red light*

Sensor battery has no more power: You should replace the sensor.

Opioid Halo Basics


The chip is reusable. Do not throw it away when changing sensors.

Masimo Chip Storage Tray 

Masimo Chip Storage Tray

Place chip on the Home Medical Hub for storage of chip when not in use.

Changing the Replacement Tape

Diagram showing removal of used tape

1. Remove used tape from sensor

Diagram showing attachment of new tape

2. Attach new tape in the same direction as the used tape

Diagram showing attachment of sensor to finger

3. Attach sensor to finger

Diagram showing peeling remaining tape of sensor on finger

4. Peel the remaining tape off backing and continue applying sensor per the instructions


  1. *

    Red light can also refer to a sensor or chip problem – refer to FAQs for the meaning of all chip light colors and recommended actions.