Opioid Halo

Getting Started

Getting to Know Opioid Halo


Opioid Halo is an Opioid Overdose Prevention and Alert System* that provides real-time monitoring to identify risk of accidental overdose - slowed or stopped breathing.

Escalating alerts are sent to your loved ones and their designated emergency contacts, followed by a wellness call that may lead to EMS being dispatched.

The system includes a Home Medical Hub, two disposable fingertip sensors (each intended for up to 96 hours of continuous use), a reusable chip, and a free downloadable app for your smartphone.

Alerts When Help May Be Needed


Opioid Halo detects high or increasing risk of overdose and sends escalating alerts when help is needed.


Monitoring is active


Alert 1: Caution

When physiological marker data shows high risk for overdose, alerts appear visually on the user’s mobile device and audibly at the Home Medical Hub, to facilitate self recovery.


Alert 2: Warning

As the risk level rises, the system alerts the user and sends automatic texts to you and other designated emergency contacts.


Alert 3: Emergency

If the risk level continues to worsen, the system triggers an automated wellness call that may lead to EMS being dispatched.


Opioid Halo Components

Opioid-Halo-components Masimo Halo App
  • Displays monitoring status
  • Sends alerts to your Home Medical Hub and mobile device via the cloud
  • Compatible with most mobile devices (mobile device not included)
Masimo Chip

Masimo Chip

  • Snaps into the Sensor and communicates with the Home Medical Hub
  • Reusable
Masimo Sensor

(2) Masimo Sensors

  • Measures oxygen level and pulse rate up for 96 hours in typical continuous usage*
  • Disposable
Drawing of Home Medical Hub

Home Medical Hub

  • Collects data from Masimo Sensor
  • Sends data to smartphone app
Replacement Tapes

(12) Replacement Tapes

  • Can be used to reposition or rewrap the Sensor as needed

Setting Up the Opioid Halo System


1. Download and Set Up the App

Confirm your smartphone is connected to the Internet. Download and launch the Masimo Halo App and follow the step-by-step instructions. 

Halo APP icon Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play
Masimo SafetyNet Alert Home Medical Hub

2. Set Up the Home Medical Hub

Confirm Bluetooth® is enabled on your smartphone. Pair the app to the Home Medical Hub and connect to your wireless network using Wi-Fi.

3. Apply Masimo Sensor

Apply the sensor to your wrist and finger. Insert the chip. Follow the on-screen instructions in the app for more detail.

4. Pair Masimo Chip

Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the Masimo Sensor to the Home Medical Hub using Bluetooth. Once paired, monitoring can begin.

5. Enter Custom Emergency Contacts

Enter the contact information of the family members and/or friends you want to receive text notifications. An invitation is sent to each emergency contact entered in the app. Note: Emergency contacts must accept the invitation to receive text notifications. Get more information on Emergency Contacts.

6. Enable Emergency Medical Response

Follow the on-screen prompts to allow Emergency Dispatch Services to be notified if a low oxygen event occurs.

Opioid Halo Basics


Pro Tip

Learn more about what it means to be an Emergency Contact.


  • *Opioid Halo continuously monitors certain physiological parameters that are indicative of opioid-induced respiratory depression – a sign of opioid overdose – in order to alert users and their emergency contacts so that action can be taken to avoid adverse consequences of an overdose.
  • Emergency contacts must agree to receive alerts.